Nikon D5200 DLSR

D5200My new D5200 Camera is equipped with a 24.1 megapixel DX-format sensor, a sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 and the best in class 39-point AF system to deliver high image quality and excellent performance. What’s more, the Scene Recognition System adopts the 2016-pixel RGB sensor, bringing you accurate scene brightness and colour information.

The vari-angle monitor also offers full versatility to shoot from different angles and perspectives. Image expressions are now more flexible than ever.


Nikon DSLR D90 HDR Setting


High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, it’s made quite an entrance into the world of digital photography.

the HDR process is accomplished by taking multiple exposures of a high contrast scene (usually a landscape or cityscape), at different levels of brightness, and then combining the best light from each exposure into one image.

The end result is a stunning image that very closely resembles how the human eye views a scene. This process of digital manipulation has caused a bit of controversy and debate in the world of photography, especially with images that are “over-cooked.” One thing is for sure though, HDR is here to stay. When done right, this unique and in depth processing technique can produce beautiful works of art that mimic the way we view and remember a landscape or scene.

The above image is an example of what HDR processing can produce. This image, taken on the North Brother Mountain would not be possible without HDR processing. Now to take your digital camera and turn it into an HDR shooting machine!

Step One

On the top dial select A


Step Two

Go to Custom setting menu and select Bracketing/Flash






I then set Auto bracketing set to AE only. I like setting Bracketing order to Under/MTR/Over, but it’s not really that important.






Next, find the bracketing button on your camera. It’s labelled BKT on the D90.


While holding down the BKT button, move the Main command dial until the top screen shows 3F on the top left. That’s the number of shots it will take. Then, while still holding down the BKT button, rotate the Sub command dial to the EV you want between each shot. I’d recommend somewhere between 1 and 2. You can let go of the BKT button now.

Now hold down the button that looks like it has stacked boxes (above the AF button), and rotate the Main command dial until the icon changes from “S” to “L”, with a stacked boxes icon. This is continuous shot mode.

Right now, you can hold down the shutter button and your camera will take 3 shots continuously, each with a different exposure., it is generally a good idea to take the White Balance setting off of auto and put it into whatever your particular shot requires. And if your camera isn’t already set to save to RAW files, now would be a good time to do so. That is shooting Menu / Image Quality / NEF (RAW) on most Nikons. I personally set Shooting Menu / image quality RAW+Fine

Memory Cards


Are not all made equal

Just recently I had completed a course in HDR Photography and was keen to give it a practical  try out, my camera was setup to take 3 shots with separate  exposure’s I lined up my first shot hit the shutter release  1, 2, but no 3rd I rechecked my settings but could not find fault. the fault was not with the camera but with the memory card “to slow” it was a 16GB Sandisk now while I was taking just single shots the card would store one Jpeg and one raw it all worked well but for a 3 shot HDR  that would be 3 jpegs and 3 raw the write was not fast enough.

So if you keen to get stuck into some HDR and have your camera set to take jpeg and raw you will need a faster card I found the extreme pro did the job.


New tri pod


Just received my new Tri-pod  could not source one local they all seemed to have the box type camera connection which was no good for me as I wanted to take Portrait stye panorama shots which was achieved through a special L shape bracket.


Nikon DSLR L Bracket

This has made the the set up very stable and  was able to assist with the Parallax .

This L bracket was found on eBay from an Hong Kong supplier for around $11.00 .