Hovering X5C

Syma-X5C-Quadcopter-Drone-with-HD-CameraA problem that has given me a bit of grief has been hovering after syncing the quad would yaw to the side the manual had no real trouble shooting section so headed of to our old friend Google. Here is what I found apparently after a few bumps and hard landings (and I have had a few of them) the gyros can out go out of wack and you need to reset the Quad

Reset instructions

1). Set the X5C on a level surface
2). Turn on the Quadcopter (wait for the lights underneath to enter slow blinking mode)
3). Turn on the Transmitter
4). Push the throttle all the way up and all the way back down (listen for beep signaling the drone and transmitter are now linked)
5). Pull both joysticks down and right and hold them there….look for the lights underneath the drone to flash.
6). When the flashing stops, release the joysticks.

go for a flight.

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