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To give any of your slide shows a bit of zip it is great to add some music but the problem comes when the slide show is to be sold to other people you are then in breach of copyright laws which if you try and read or understand them will give you a headache. to this end I have found Magic Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is a commercial digital music editor, which was designed by the company magic for the consumer sector. In its present form, its program attributes originate from Magix’s professional digital audio workstation samplitude. The first version of Music Maker was published in 1994. With more than a million copies sold,Magic Music has become one of Europe’s most successful music editing programs. Magix Music Maker is user friendly and someone without experience in music production is able to make songs in various genres.

My way around was to create my own music using Magic Music Maker here are some of the tracks I have made. If you find any that you like feel free to use them. but please give me credit on you slide show.

01: Tanglewood Tanglewood was inspired by my walk, part of the river walk goes thru what I like to call the tangled wood.  Download 01 tanglewood

02: Surf   Surf was used for my friend Adam who competed in a Long board competition at Camden Haven. Download 02 Surf

03: Desert Wind This was my very first, Made for my slide show of the living Desert Broken Hill. Download 03 desert Wind


04: Sunset The Manning river was the location of this slide show. The sunset was very good that night so may I add was the Guinness. Download 04 sunset

05: Water Reflections The featured image was the inspiration for this track. the Camden Haven river has many moods.Download  05 water refection

06: Night Rider This Track is a small loop for menu pages. Download 06 rider

07: Mountain view My home is situated on the seaward side of North Brother Mountain were we have spent many hours at the lookout taking photographs and having picnics. Download 07 mountain view

08: Interlude This Track is a small loop for menu pages. Download 08 interlude

09: Desert Sundown This is the same track as Desert Wind without the wind effect Made for my slide show of the living Desert Broken Hill. Download 09 desert sundown

10: Coast During our travel around Australia we visited many coastal areas but one will always stand out Hell fire Bay Esperance WA Download 10 Coast

11: River Moods Our river (the Camden Haven River) has many moods and as i walk along its banks I always take me camera download 11 River mood

12: Sunshine after a southerly has given several days of wind and rain its is so good to see sunshine. download 12 Sunshine

13: City Streets As a child growing up in Portsmouth UK my favorite pastime was walking the city streets. Download 13 City Streets

14: the Beach and who dose not like the Beach. Download 14 The Beach

15: Waterfall Cascade




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