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Welcome to Candy’s Blog.

Here you will find tips and tricks for Genealogy and Family information that is being researched at the moment. Below is some of the software and equipment that I use

 Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker
Genealogy software

Building and organizing family trees is what genealogy software does best. Sometimes you encounter outstanding software that helps you research your family history. Family Tree Maker 2014 connects with, giving you access to millions of family records from around the world. This family tree software can create charts and keepsakes to map your lineage and share discoveries with the rest of your family. Family Tree Maker 2014 wins the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award because of its connectivity and large span of helpful researching and documentation tools. Be aware, however, that you need an membership to access the site’s complete database.

Flip Pal mobile scanner

mobile sanning equipment
Flip Pal mobile scanner

A really neat piece of equipment that we use is the Flip Pal mobile scanner it enables you to effortlessly scan items. Precious photos, important documents, fragile records of personal and family history, detailed coins, jewelry, medals, hand-drawn art, and other keepsakes. Now they can be safely stored digitally rather than scattered, lost or hidden. Then create your story from those memories and connect with family and friends. Take advantage of the patented flip-and-scan technology to scan photos while still in the album or frame, and treating fragile personal records gently. The Easy Stitch software quickly and automatically reassembles multiple scans into their larger original. Unlike alternative solutions that don’t have the combination of mobility, simplicity, accuracy, versatility, and keeping the original safe, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is compact, simple to operate, has high resolution, quick scan time, battery power, SD memory, and a computer is not required to scan.