Fixing a colour cast in old photographs using photoshop cs6

  1. The first step of course is duplicate the image layer.
  2. Then add a levels adjustment.
  3. Select first the Red.
  4. Then adjust the small arrow’s left and right of the histogram to where it starts and ends.
  5. Repeat this with the blue and the green.

Photography Gallery One


Pro Show Slide Show using HDR Images

The Living Desert and Sculptures

Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic aberration (distortion), also known as ‘colour fringing’ is a common optical problem. It occurs when a camera lens fails to bring all colour wavelengths to the same focal plane, or when the wavelengths of colour focus in different positions on the plane.

So, what can we do, this is my method to reduce the affect using Photoshop?

As I will probable use this again I am going to save it as an Action, so open up your Action Panel and click on create new set in my case I called it MyActions  click OK then click on create new Action I have called my action CromaticA.

Start Record

  1. Duplicate image
  2. Select Filters / Gaussian Blur set the radius 15 pixels click OK
  3. Change the Blending mode for normal to colour
  4. Add a layer mask, you may need to Ctrl Backspace to make it black
  5. Click on stop record
  6. Now select you brush tool and paint the affected area

If you zoom in you should see a reduction of the Chromatic Aberration.


Creating a Panorama image

Panorama Slide show


Panorama Slide Show UK

Fading the edge of an Image in Photoshop CS6

This was a project to produce a St Patrick’s Day card and that I needed to blur the edge of the image.

  • Open image in Photoshop.
  • Click on Layer and click Layer from Background.
  • using the rectangular marque tool select the part of the image to use.
  • go to select and click on inverse.
  • then to modify and click Feather ( I have selected 50 pixels for this project you may have to experiment to get your desired effect).
  • Now hit delete.
  • save the file as an png to keep the transparent background .